In early 2016, the wonder that is a FreakShake; a milkshake explosion conceptualized by Patissez, a cafe in Canberra, Australia hit the world like a storm.

In the next few months, we decided to bring Australia-inspired Freakshakes to India with Coffee By Di Bella. We worked in collaboration with the team at Coffee By Di Bella and came up with their signature creations like the The Melbourne Freakshake, Childhood Wonderland Freakshake and Gold Coast Pretzel Freakshake.

Once the freakshakes were launched, we called several top food bloggers in the city to try them out. Within a span of only few days, people were lining outside CBD cafés for its insane CBD Freakshakes! Even online platforms such as LBB, Economic Times, Miss Malini and Story Pick contributed in making the concept viral.

Check out the 3 CBD FreakShakes :

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