Every brand has a unique way of marketing themselves, but how many of them actually keep up with all the trends?

The Chocolate Spoon Company’s founder and CEO, Rachel Goenka’s take on what “Sassy” means to her-  “The reason why I decided to incorporate the word ‘Sassy’ into my brand was that I wanted the brand to be a reflection of my personality. Sassy to me means bold, experimental, adventurous. Moreover, I love experimenting with flavour profiles, textures and bringing new ingredients to deliver familiar flavours”
Let us show you how Sassy we got this year!

Jan 2019 – We started the year with a strawberry specials menu, calling it #BerrySassy, here we spoke about a few desserts that were specially curated for the strawberry season. Apart from this, we had tricolored macarons made for Republic Day.

Feb 2019 – Next up for the season of Love, also known as Valentines Day, we launched our special range of Valentine’s gifting comprising of sassy styled box of chocolates and special edition cakes for loved ones. We called this-ATeaspoonOfLove. Adding one more launch to the month of February, were our waffles, where we launched the campaign #WafflesGetSassy.
March 2019 – What better way to celebrate Holi than with Thandai macarons? Yes, that’s right! That’s how we gave Holi a sassy twist with #ASassyHoli
April 2019 – The Bunny season!
A successful launch of our #EasterSpecials in the month of April, that comprised of bunny cupcakes and unicorn easter eggs. Also, not to forget an exciting easter egg decorating workshop that was conducted at Sassy Teaspoon, Pune.
May 2019 – The much-awaited time of the year- the mango season! But of course with a sassy twist. In May, we promoted our mango special mango that included a few mango based desserts and our special edition mango explosive cake that stole the heart of a lot of people
June 2019 – For Father’s Day, we launched the moustache macarons that we’re a big hit!
August 2019 – In the month of August, we celebrated Friendship Day with sassy emoji cupcakes to define all kinds of friendships. We conducted a contest and launched the cupcakes with a sassy stop motion video. We also had special tricolor cakesicles made for Independence Day, not to forget Raksha Bandhan, where we promoted our sassy cookie rakhis and generated great sales for the same
September 2019 – For the month of September, we are highlighting traditionally made sassy modaks, where every modak flavor has a sassy twist to it!
To sum it all, we redefine ordinary by making it Sassy! 😛
These past few months have been exciting and full of surprises. Ample amount of messages, high engagement, follower growth and constant love for the brand has made us stand out from our competitors… And this is why we have always managed to keep up with all the trends in a Sassy way!

Here are some of the Sassy treats we were referring to:

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