When Poetry wanted to launch their third outlet in Kala Ghoda, they wanted to create a new menu that resonated with the artistic vibe of the Kala Ghoda community. The word ’Kala’ means black in hindi, which is why we decided to use activated charcoal to recreate Poetry’s most popular dishes. It was meant to be an exclusive menu and the original plan was to sell the dishes only for a month but, it became so popular that Poetry introduced them at all their outlets.

Digitally, we banked on showing the travel story of Poetry and talking about the brands’ journey. We produced a stop motion video, showcasing the iconic Poetry coffee mug, travelling from its first location in Bandra to Kamala Mills and finally, the new Kala Ghoda location.

We also promoted the launch by running digital ads to reach the correct target audience for the same. As the concept was new and unique, several bloggers and influencers associated with us through posts and Instagram stories, resulting in generating an abundance of content.

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