The journey of D:OH! And Blowfish together has been a fun, exciting and an adventurous one. We started off with a brand with a mascot that just had a face in their logo. We then added a story, a theme, thought and character to the brand with: “Dave Beardman”. We even created a separate Instagram profile for the same.

Showcasing the happening vibe, exciting food and uniqueness of D:OH! with Dave, we started off his stories and never stopped. D:OH! is fun, witty, sassy and extraordinary and we have made sure with or without Dave in the picture, the image of the brand remains consistent.

D:OH! today has a strong hold when it comes to communicating what they’re doing at the moment. For example, their Lunch campaign for which we did an endless table on social media was a great hit for the restaurant.

Check out the campaigns we did for D:OH! featuring Dave below :

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